5 benefits of using a newswire to distribute your next press release

By Life Science Newswire
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If you haven’t leveraged the power of a press release distribution newswire service for your life science company yet, it’s definitely worth your consideration. For those looking to disseminate newsworthy information about their team, company, products and services to journalists quickly and efficiently, a newswire service is the way to get maximum coverage for minimum effort.

In this blog post, we review what a newswire service is and the benefits of using one for life science organisations.

What is a newswire service?

Getting your press release to the media—and actually getting it noticed—can be a challenge.

To get your announcement heard by your target audience when you have a newsworthy announcement to make (our recent blog can help you determine if your news is in fact newsworthy), you could try and achieve this on your own by:

  • First, compiling a list of traditional media outlets, publications, and other digital newsgroups targeted to your news item, including researching all of the necessary contacts you’ll need to reach
  • Then drafting emails to each media contact explaining who you are and what your press release is about, ideally including a subject line that catches their eye and avoiding any spam words to ensure your email doesn’t reach their junk folder
  • Then individually sending each media contact your press release (managing any follow-up questions etc.)

However, this process is time-consuming and laborious, especially if you don’t have a dedicated public relations team to do it. It’s also even more time-consuming to keep your media list constantly up-to-date with the latest editorial contacts.

An alternative option that requires far less time and effort is to use a newswire service.

A wire service or newswire, by definition, is: “A news agency that sends out syndicated news copy to subscribers by wire or by satellite transmission.” In today’s digital world, these news releases are most commonly distributed online. But how does this work?

Well, in most cases, your press release will be permanently placed on a digital newswire website, as well as distributed via email to a set number of news outlets. Once the newswire service has distributed your release, they will typically provide you with a report showing where your release has been published (often known as a “coverage report”).


The benefits of using a newswire service

Why should your brand consider a newswire service to disseminate your next press release? There are many reasons that using a newswire is a smart way to share information about your brand’s work. We review five key benefits below.


1. Generate coverage rapidly with minimum effort

When you utilise a newswire service, your press release will be instantly distributed to a large number of relevant news outlets.

For example, Life Science Newswire has more than 2900 contacts in its database. The time it would take you to curate and develop a list of contacts for all of these major news outlets, let alone keep it constantly up-to-date, doesn’t make sense; it’s not a good use of your time when you can access this list via a newswire service.

As such, using a newswire allows you to instantly access and reach a large number of media contacts (without having to invest time and effort into building the list yourself).


2. Ensure the media pay attention to your news (and publish it)

Life Science Newswire is well known by the editors and journalists of the life science trade and business press. They trust us to deliver them relevant and interesting news, making it much more likely that they will feature your press release on their websites and in their print publications.


3. Improve your social media presence

As well as helping secure the most possible news coverage, a newswire service can give your brand a social media boost. When you share your press release with Life Science Newswire, we will post it on our website and across our social media channels, not only this but the publications that pick up the news will then post it on their websites, in print magazines, and on their social profiles, utilising their networks to help amplify your reach even further.


4. Generate more referral traffic and improve your website SEO

A press release distributed by a newswire service can lead to many positive mentions of your brand across the internet. Both Google and Bing have shared that such positive brand mentions factor into your SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking, so sending a press release and gaining coverage for it can improve your SEO rankings. The more coverage you can get through distributing your press release via a newswire service like the Life Science Newswire, the greater potential SEO benefits you could receive

When your press release is published across a number of industry sites, this can also build a number of referral links. Not only can these links drive relevant traffic to your website, but backlinks from high authority websites also increase your search engine rankings. Many life science media websites have high domain authority, making press release distribution a highly effective tactic for building high-quality backlinks to your website (and boosting your position in search engine results pages).


5. Access a report showing the coverage achieved

Most newswire services offer some sort of report showing where your press release has been featured. This is a great way of justifying the investment, both to yourself, and to your team. As part of our service, the team will send you a report detailing all coverage as seen by Life Science Newswire. Each report contains a dashboard detailing the level of coverage together with a comprehensive list of all URLs to where your press release has been published. You can also use this data as part of your routine reporting process to demonstrate how your marketing team is working to build brand awareness and search engine authority for your company.


Get more media coverage from your next life science press release

Using a newswire service to distribute your press release is a worthwhile investment, giving you critical time back but also delivering a better chance of your news being seen and widely published.

Life Science Newswire is designed to help you reach the people you most want to reach: major life science media outlets, so that your news will reach your target audience.

To discover what sets Life Science Newswire apart, give us a try for your next press release distribution – it’s simply £500 per send (pay as you go, no long-term contracts or fees).

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