How to make an impact in 2024 with your PR strategy

By Life Science Newswire
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As we welcome the New Year, life science marketing professionals across the globe will be finalising their 2024 marketing communications programmes. But do you have everything covered to make the required impact in 2024?


How to generate more life science media interest and engagement

Below, we’ve outlined three considerations to help you finalise your PR plans and generate more media interest, engagement, and overall brand awareness. You’ll also find some important actions that you and your team can take to help make a real impact in the life science industry in 2024.


1. News flow frequency is paramount

Building a consistent level of coverage shows the market and your customers that you are strong, active, and future-looking. This is especially important at times of economic challenge or recession when building customer confidence is essential.

Maintaining a regular news flow throughout the year will increase the recognition of your company. You will achieve a higher rate of pick-up by key media and, subsequently, improved reach across your target markets through their readerships.

Action: Create a schedule of bi-monthly announcements around your company developments, investment, partnerships and product launches to further establish your brand and build credibility throughout the year.

2. Press release distribution: a low-cost, high-value tactic

While PR continues to evolve, press releases remain one of the most effective tools of communication to relevant media contacts.

Short, succinct and informative, a well-written press release that focuses on benefit-driven messaging and market/customer value will be of particular interest to editors and their communities. They will be keen to work more closely with you over time to provide more information and insight to their readers. 

Action: Think about your company's planned activities and goals for 2024 and how they can feed into your news flow plan.


3. Align with industry events for more focus and expanded reach 

Event and tradeshow organisers are typically accommodating hybrid event models with in-person and virtual participation available to effectively serve their communities.

Our media partners are still aligning their issues and show specials to these events to ensure relevant and focused information for their readerships. Positioning your news announcements around these can bolster your coverage and results.

This is an opportunity that should not be missed as a show schedule can also focus the activities of your teams with immovable deadlines.

Action: Revisit your show calendar and see how you can align key announcements and product launches to maximise your focus and activity around these events. If aligning to marketing activities, consider how to maximise your investment with additional PR activity.

Get more media coverage from your next life science press release

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