Biotium announces optimized antibody labeling kits for STORM super-resolution microscopy

February 15, 2022

New Mix-n-Stain™ Antibody Labeling Kits offer an optimal low degree of labeling with your choice of Biotium’s superior CF® Dyes for STORM.

Two-color (d)STORM imaging of a fixed COS-7 cellBiotium, a supplier of cutting-edge life science reagents, is expanding their line of industry-leading Mix-n-Stain™ labeling kits with new kits designed specifically for producing antibody conjugates ideal for super-resolution stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM). Mix-n-Stain™ STORM CF® Dye Antibody Labeling Kits are available with Biotium’s unique STORM CF® Dyes, which feature exceptional brightness and photochemical properties ideal for STORM imaging. In addition, the kits are optimized to yield a low degree of labeling that is optimal for single molecule localization microscopy techniques such as STORM.

STORM image quality is highly dependent on the properties of both the fluorophore and antibody conjugate. Specifically, antibodies conjugated to bright fluorophores with robust photo-switching properties at a low degree of labeling are ideal for STORM. However, a convenient method to produce antibody conjugates with a low degree of labeling for STORM is lacking. Moreover, while several red-excited dyes suitable for STORM are available (e.g., AF647, CF®647, CF®660C, and CF®680), there are limited options for green-excited fluorescent probes for multi-color STORM. With the release of Mix-n-Stain™ STORM CF® Dye Antibody Labeling Kits, Biotium has met this challenge by offering a streamlined solution for producing antibody conjugates optimal for STORM imaging in a variety of colors.

Mix-n-Stain™ STORM CF® Dye Antibody Labeling Kits are available with 8 STORM-validated CF® Dyes with emission ranging from visible red to near-IR. CF®583R and CF®597R are novel green-excited CF® Dyes for multi-color STORM that were recently published in collaboration with UC Berkeley Professor and STORM scientist Dr. Ke Xu, PhD (read the full press release).

Each Mix-n-Stain™ STORM CF® Dye Antibody Labeling Kit is suitable for labeling exactly 50 ug antibody. Labeling is rapid and efficient, requiring only 30 minutes of total reaction time with no downstream purification. Please visit the product page to learn more.

Mix-n-Stain™ STORM CF® Dye Antibody Labeling Kit Features

  • Validated: Choice of 8 CF® Dye colors developed and published for STORM
  • Green-excitable options: New CF®583R and CF®597R best-in class green excited STORM dyes
  • Low DOL: Labeling yields DOL of 1-2.5, optimal for STORM
  • Efficient: Requires only 30-minute total reaction time with no purification after labeling

Learn more about Biotium’s CF® Dyes and other probes validated for super-resolution microscopy. For licensing inquiries, please contact

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