Community Wellness announces COVID home management program

September 7, 2021

Community Wellness Announces COVID Home Management ProgramCommunity Wellness, a leading national provider of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) services and Affinity Partner of the Kentucky Hospital Association’s Solutions Group, announced a new program to expand the bandwidth and clinical strength of hospitals in Kentucky and neighboring states due to the COVID-19 Delta surge.

Community Wellness will offer a comprehensive, turnkey home monitoring program for COVID patients designed to improve outcomes for patients and preserve limited hospital resources.

Community Wellness provides FDA-approved, Bluetooth-enabled devices and a HIPAA-compliant app for tracking symptoms and vital signs to monitor patients, allowing them to safely recover in the comfort of their own homes, thereby reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and improving utilization of limited resources, e.g., ED beds, staffing, and ancillary support.

In the event of a patient’s deterioration as detected by vital sign changes, worsening symptoms, or clinical concerns raised by the Community Wellness clinical support staff, and under the direction of the hospital-appointed physician prescribing the service, the patient will be returned to an appropriate medical facility for advanced supportive care (likely a direct ED admission).

“Our hospitals and providers are heroically and tirelessly managing an enormous surge in COVID patients presenting to their Emergency Departments. We can ease the burden on both the healthcare system and patients for those with low-to-moderate risk of progressing to severe or critical illness. Using simple-to-use home medical devices, along with video, voice, and text access to our clinical support staff, patients can safely recover in the comfort of their own homes in most cases,” said Community Wellness Chief Medical Officer, Scott Parazynski, MD. “Should their condition warrant, they would be able to return to the ED for a fast-track readmission and definitive care.”

Deborah R. Campbell, RN-BC, MSN, CPHQ, Vice President of Quality and Health Professions of the Kentucky Hospital Association says, “Research has shown this in-home management approach can be used safely and is cost-effective. Patients have been happy to remain at home for their care and treatment while hospitals have been able to use their bed capacity for those needing a higher level of care.”

Community Wellness is making its COVID Home Management program available to hospitals and large clinics seeking solutions to ED overcrowding as a result of the pandemic. For more information on this clinically impactful program, contact Traci Quillen at 304-552-8195.

About Community Wellness
Community Wellness is the nation’s foremost innovator of evidence-based, high-touch, technology-enabled remote patient monitoring solutions. Community Wellness uses FDA-approved devices, certified health coaches, medical science, best-in-class informatics, and online communities to deliver improved outcomes, access, satisfaction, compliance, and lower costs to patients, physicians, nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, and health plans.

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