GenNext® Technologies announces partnership with Emery Pharma on full-solution biopharmaceutical protein footprinting services

May 17, 2023

Flash Oxidation (Fox®) Protein Footprinting SystemGenNext Technologies, Inc., a growth-stage company that provides structural biology instrumentation, software, and services, announced today that it is collaborating with Emery Pharma, a full-service CRO offering end-to-end biologic drug development support.

Through this partnership, GenNext and Emery Pharma will combine forces to provide best-in-class pharmaceutical functional and structural analysis for allosteric and mono-clonal antibody therapeutics. The companies plan to co-market their capabilities to clients seeking contract research programs for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development. Together, the team will deliver data rich insights to help clients accelerate the approval of biotherapeutics, which will lead to safer, more effective, and less expensive therapeutic products.

GenNext’s Flash Oxidation (Fox®) Protein Footprinting technology is a revolutionary technique that empowers researchers to rapidly and accurately determine the structural and functional impact of drug candidates against targets involved in cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatological, gastrointestinal, and autoimmune disease.

Emery Pharma specializes in the characterization of biologics with an extensive array of services, ranging from intact mass analysis, peptide mapping, and glycan analysis, to host cell proteins, post-translational modifications, and immunogenicity analysis. Emery Pharma’s unique approach delivers high-quality actionable data for any drug development program.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with the Emery Pharma team,” said Scot Weinberger, CEO of GenNext. “Biopharmaceutical researchers will benefit from this valuable alliance as we combine the unique capabilities and strengths of both organizations.”

Ron Najafi, CEO of Emery Pharma, said “We believe the combination of our biologic analytical expertise with GenNext’s protein footprinting technology will result in a comprehensive structural and functional research service for our clients involved in biotherapeutic development."

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About GenNext Technologies

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, GenNext Technologies, Inc., is a growth-stage company that provides instrumentation, software, and services to pharmaceutical researchers investigating biopharmaceutical structure, interactions, folding, aggregation, formulation, and delivery. Our disruptive products are aimed at improving structural biology-focused research. Ultimately, we seek to help our customers accelerate biopharmaceutical development, while improving therapeutic efficacy and safety.

About Emery Pharma

Emery Pharma is a full-service contract research laboratory, supporting the end-to-end development of small molecule drugs, biologics, biosimilars, gene therapy, botanicals, and more. Emery Pharma specializes in supporting preclinical drug development, including analytical, bioanalytical solutions, microbiology & cell biology services, drug & impurity characterization, and general R&D and cGMP/GLP support.

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