MedEZ™ patient portal helps facilities make an easy transition to remote work

April 16, 2020

The MedEZ™ Patient Portal module includes all of the following features: Telehealth, Virtual prescription refills, appointment scheduling, accessibility to patients for authorized patient charts, payment options and more.

MedEZ™ Integrated Software System is proud to announce that their application is fully compatible with facilities who are looking for a work remotely method. Their patient portal module has a built-in Telehealth feature that allows behavioral healthcare professionals to attend sessions with their patients remotely.

The Telehealth feature is a live video where behavioral health therapists and counselors can interact with their patients. This is an alternative to the in-person interaction and eliminates the need for patients to leave their home. The Telehealth feature works great with facilities who are looking for a work-from-home method.

MedEZ™ offers training and live demonstrations of their Patient Portal module along with other modules in their application.

About MedEZ™
MedEZ™ Integrated Software Solution™ operates in North America and MedEZ™ Computer Software LLC™ operates in the Middle East. MedEZ™ provides the healthcare community with affordable HIPAA-compliant healthcare software programs for management and automation needs. This medical and behavioral health management software boosts healthcare facilities' effectiveness and employee productivity. MedEZ's modules provide a seamless experience that simplifies daily activities such as medical billing, claim submission and Electronic Health Records allowing your employees to focus on patients, not paperwork.

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