Improved prescribing of antibiotics for bacterial infections enabled by novel, rapid Point of Care technology

October 5, 2021

Test and Treat has launched a novel Point of Care technology that identifies bacterial infection and a quantitative antibiotic susceptibility profile in less than 2 hours. The first application is Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)). Using this novel phenotypic technology, physicians/veterinarians can prescribe treatment in line with best practice, without having to rely on empirical prescribing and/or wait several days for external laboratory culture and sensitivity. U-Treat provides a valuable tool for fast, reliable, Point of Care treatment outcome.

Launched globally in late 2020, U-Treat is already used by veterinary practices in the US and UK. Using the principals of ATP bioluminescence, U-Treat can both detect (directly) the presence of bacteria within 30 minutes (Test 1), and determine quantitative antibiotic susceptibility in an additional 60 minutes (Test 2). The tests are run sequentially. Results give clinicians clear guidance about whether or not antibiotic treatment is required, and – if it is – the most effective antibiotic to prescribe, based on determination of " % kill rate per antibiotic".

Ron Turner, Founder, CEO and Technical Director says, “We know antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is increasing and is described by many governments as a global crisis. This technology can help physicians and veterinarians make fast, effective and responsible decisions in antibiotic choice and prescribing, and improve treatment outcomes.”

Test&Treat is fast moving towards CE/CA marking for UK and European regulatory compliance, is also working towards US FDA regulatory approval (510k/CLIA waiver) and is now actively seeking licensing / acquisition partners in veterinary and human diagnostics to fast-track the technology into markets worldwide.

U-Treat demonstrates high levels of sensitivity (97.1%) and specificity (92%), compared to laboratory-reported test results (UTI detection). The test provides confidence in diagnosis and treatment outcome, while observing responsible use of antibiotics. Pet owners and physicians in the human sector can be reassured treatment is based on quantitative antibiotic susceptibility / resistance, rather than empirical. The test is currently validated for use in companion animals and is being investigated for application for mastitis in cattle and sheep, bacterial infection in equine synovial fluid, interstitial and pleural fluid, bacterial ear infections and for UTI, bacterial throat infection, synovial fluid and bacterial meningitis in human healthcare.

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About Test and Treat
Test and Treat was established by Ron Turner in 2017, having developed and patented this novel techn ology the year before. In 2018/2019 both US and European patents were granted for the technology. The company’s first product U-Treat is being used to detect bacterial infection in urine samples (Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)) in cats and dogs and to manage antibiotic prescribing. U-treat is currently under evaluation in point of care veterinary markets for the treatment of mastitis in cattle and sheep and is also being clinically evaluated for management of bacterial infection in interstitial and pleural fluid (companion animals), synovial fluid (equine), bacterial ear infections (canine) together with additional applications in human healthcare, including UTI, bacterial throat infection, synovial fluid and bacterial meningitis.

The company is based near Newmarket in the UK and has a base in South Carolina, USA

Telephone; +44(0)1638 501974



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