MeaningCloud announces completion of spin-off of its healthcare and pharmaceutical AI business to Konplik Health

September 30, 2020

MeaningCloud, today announced the completion of a spin-off from its Artificial Intelligence (AI) businesses into a new, independent company. The spin-off will allow both product and management teams to drive increased responsiveness to customers' particular needs and achieve faster growth through focused and fit-for-purpose operating models.

Konplik Health, Inc. will begin operations immediately with the health-related assets from MeaningCloud, including its leading text analytics, deep semantic analysis, and AI platform, adaptations specific to the life sciences and relevant clients such as Pfizer. Konplik will be dedicated exclusively to the health care, life sciences, and pharmaceutical sectors.

"We're happy to provide the market with a health-focused AI solution," says Jose Gonzalez, CEO of Konplik Health. "Together with our customers, we're leveraging powerful, adaptive intelligence to create solutions that seamlessly integrate data and technology to automate tasks and enable better decisions."

Konplik specializes in Robotic Process Automation and Predictive Analytics that rely on the ability to understand large volumes of textual data. There are many examples from Konplik's 20-years of history in Natural Language Processing and analytics. This history of delivering hundreds of successful AI projects in over 40 different countries to leading innovators in the market includes:

• Search and evaluation for Drug Discovery expediting development
• Analysis of Electronic Health Records and Patient Voice for triaging and coding
• Real-World Evidence analysis of efficacy and safety for Pharmacovigilance
• Real-time market Intelligence for tendering, shortages, price, and demand forecasting

Innovation is deep in Konplik’s DNA, combined with the growing need for automation and data-driven decision making in the Life Science. The journey to provide unparalleled value to clients, employees, shareholders and society as a whole accelerates today.

About MeaningCloud

MeaningCloud is the easiest, most powerful, and affordable way to extract the meaning of any kind of unstructured content, from social conversations to internal files. Its text analytics functions can be graphically customized to each specific domain to obtain unparalleled accuracy, enabling the ability to embed semantic analysis into any applications without risk through its pay-per-use web-based APIs. MeaningCloud's solutions can be delivered both in SaaS mode and on-premises and have been deployed by leading organizations such as The World Bank, Telefónica, ING or Carrefour. Visit MeaningCloud at

About Konplik Health

KONPLIK HEALTH extracts value from unstructured data in Healthcare. KONPLIK makes the most of our proprietary software and innovative self-developed data processing tools and algorithms to help you discover new purposeful and actionable sources of revenue in Healthcare.

Konplik has over 20 years of history in the fields of natural language processing and analytics. We've delivered hundreds of successful AI projects, in more than 40 countries, to the leading innovators in the healthcare industry. Konplik understands millions of all sorts of documents at super speed. Scientific literature, electronic health records, and social media are processed in seconds and converted into valuable business insights.

Konplik's solutions can be delivered both in SaaS mode and on-premises and have been deployed by leading organizations looking for critical advantage to compete in a digital world, such as Pfizer, Bayer, and Visit Konplik Health at

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