Sinocompound to sponsor Catalysis in the Fine Chemical Industry Conference and host specialist discussion group

May 19, 2021

Carin Seechurn_Sinocompound_editSinocompound Catalysts Co., Ltd, a global provider of advanced homogeneous catalysts and ligands for pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications, is sponsoring the upcoming Catalysis in the Fine Chemical Industry Conference. Featuring a panel of world-leading industrial catalysis experts, the event will take place online, 02-03 June 2021, and aims to examine how industry strategies are evolving to meet today’s challenges. In addition to being a sponsor, Sinocompound will host a discussion session that will focus on the use of advanced technology in large scale synthesis.

Sinocompound discussion session:

  • ‘Homogeneous catalysis: Enabling the use of advanced technology in large scale synthesis.’
  • Thursday June 03, 2021
  • 17:00 UK, 18:00 Central Europe, 12:00 EDT, 09:00 PDT
  • Hosted by Dr Carin Seechurn, Technical Advisor, Sinocompound

Dr Seechurn’s discussion session will focus on two key areas. Firstly, examination of the use of the chiral bisphosphine ligand H₈-BINAP (2,2′-Bis(diphenylphospino)-5,5′,6,6′,7,7′,8,8′-octahydro-1,1′-binaphthyl), which has proven to be an efficient chiral ligand for various transition metal-catalyzed asymmetric reactions. The session will explore some of these challenging reactions and how H₈-BINAP is emerging as a commercially viable option for these transformations. The second part of Dr Seechurn’s discussion session will focus on the use of advanced adamantyl-containing phosphine ligands and precatalysts, including Buchwald and MorDalPhos ligands, which play an important role in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and organic electronic materials. Sinocompound manufactures a wide range of high-quality Buchwald ligands under license from MIT and continues to expand the product range and invest in scale-up and manufacturing assets to meet increasing market demand.

Dr Seechurn commented, “The Catalysis in the Fine Chemical Industry Conference is a key date in the Sinocompound calendar. This unique forum provides a positive environment for leading catalysis experts and innovators to share case studies and experiences, and discuss key challenges. Importantly, it gives us the opportunity to listen to our customers’ needs and concerns, and action ourselves to find a solution by bringing it back to our R&D labs.”

To further support scientists, Sinocompound has also published new white papers discussing the use of H₈-BINAP ligands and selected applications of adamantyl-containing phosphine ligands. To download the white papers or for further information about Sinocompound, please visit

About Sinocompound
Sinocompound Catalysts Co., Ltd. is a global provider of advanced homogeneous catalysts and ligands for a range of pharmaceutical and fine chemical applications. The company’s proven process is built around cutting-edge technology, flexibility, and speed-of-response ensuring delivery at the scale required. Established partnerships across industry and academia enable the development of novel chemistry; helping customers accelerate their route to market.

Established in 2008 and with headquarters in Zhangjiagang, China, Sinocompound focuses on listening to customers and delivering the high-quality catalyst technology they require – including homo- and heterogeneous metal catalysts, ligands, high-purity electronic and custom synthesis service.

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