Suriname developed a high quality plasma COVID-19 treatment procedure that is more cost efficient than European methods.

October 1, 2020

The Academic Medical Center (AZP) in Paramaribo, Suriname, successfully studied an efficient method to collect COVID-19 antibody-containing plasma from recovered Covid-19 patients to treat critically ill patients. In contrast with prevailing plasma donation strategies, the Academic Medical Center collects plasma from recovered patients before hospital release. Early in the recovery process, the antibody titer is up to ten times higher than later in recovery. Preliminary data shows excellent results, both in patients where the condition is worsening to critical as for patients recently submitted to ventilator support.

The plasma donation and plasma preparation is supported by the innovative Dutch blood filter HemoClear. In a sterile, simple, and cost-effective procedure, this filter separates plasma from red blood cells. The plasma is processed to treatment for multiple COVID-19 patients while the red blood cells are or could be re-infused to the donor, not to hinder further recovery.

AZP anesthesiologist Dr. Rosita Bihariesingh states that “ the results are more than promising while the procedure costs and procedure efforts are way below available alternatives. We’re now awaiting approval to expand the patient group in our study ”.

HemoClear’s CEO Vincent Franssen confirms growing interest in the Suriname method “Several study approval submissions are pending with the authorities of African and South American countries to use the Suriname method, HemoClear is proud to support these countries in their fight against COVID-19”.

About HemoClear B.V.
At HemoClear we’re on a mission to create innovative medical devices for patients in need. Our pipeline focuses on diseases that are severe or life-threatening, and have limited available or affordable treatment options. All devices that we are developing are related to the use of blood and blood components. The sterile HemoClear filter was developed to captures Red Blood Cells (RBC) from patients shed blood and separates them from plasma, with a high degree of specificity. After filtering, the RBCs are re-infused (autologous blood transfusion) and the plasma is disposed. If the plasma contains COVID-19 antibodies, this valuable plasma is used in the treatment of critically ill COVID-19 patients.

About the Academic Medical Center Paramaribo
The Academic Medical Center Paramaribo stands for, high-quality and accessible healthcare for everyone. We’re continuous striving for excellent care driven by customer focus, scientific research and innovation. We’re the leading Medical Center in Suriname and the region, founded on customer-oriented services performed by centers of excellence. Our staff is consist of passionated and innovative proffessionals. All our activities are strengthened by the trust of the entire community.

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