Thermo Fisher Scientific offers simplified, contactless online purchase option for key Ion Chromatography Systems

February 11, 2021

The Thermo Scientific Dionex Easion and Thermo Scientific Dionex Aquion Ion Chromatography systems are now available to order online

Thermo Scientific Dionex Easion Ion Chromatography SystemIn response to laboratories’ need to minimize in-person contact during the pandemic, Thermo Fisher Scientific now offers its essential Thermo Scientific Dionex Easion and Thermo Scientific Dionex Aquion Ion Chromatography (IC) systems through easy, online ordering.

“Environmental laboratories rely on IC technology to undertake anion analyses in line with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Method 300, while academic settings commonly use these foundational IC systems for teaching purposes,” said Dino Alfano, vice president and general manager, ion chromatography and sample preparation, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “However, during these unprecedented times, laboratories globally are facing great difficulties maintaining their infrastructure without in-person interaction with sales representatives. To alleviate this burden, we’ve made our decades-long experience of engineering state-of-the-art IC instrumentation available at the click of a button, with simplified online quote generation, ordering and order tracking for our Dionex Easion and Dionex Aquion IC systems.”

The newly introduced online purchase option makes it possible for environmental and academic laboratories to order the complete Dionex Easion and Dionex Aquion IC product packages — including anion or cation column sets and corresponding suppressors — in a single contactless transaction. As a result, laboratories can quickly get their new all-inclusive IC systems up and running without requiring any additional pumps or ancillary items.

The pandemic has brought a myriad of challenges, such as distancing guidelines and delays in global supply chains, which environmental testing laboratories have been required to face, while maintaining sample throughput to safeguard environmental and public health. To achieve this, the ability to continue to advance their testing capabilities through new technology is crucial, and via online purchasing, can now be done more quickly and safely. Built as a technologically advanced, easy-to-use, compact instrument, the Dionex Easion IC system addresses the water analysis application needs of environmental and academic laboratories. At the same time, the Dionex Aquion IC system is designed to bring a new level of robustness and reproducibility to common IC analyses. Using proven electrolytic suppression technology, the system enables fast startup times, superior sensitivity for both cation and anion analyses, reduced background conductivity, and enhanced day-to-day consistency of results.

Both the Dionex Easion and Dionex Aquion IC systems operate on the intuitive, user-friendly Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) software. This simplifies system set-up and control, enables method consistency, streamlines data processing, and, ultimately, accelerates daily operations.

For more information, follow this link to learn more about the Dionex Easion and Dionex Aquion IC systems online.

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